Nominum Creative Group founded in 1992 by Director Arūnas Matelis is one of the first independent film studios in Lithuania. Nominum Creative Group focuses on creative documentaries, the development of scripts and ideas in different genre as well as the realisation of innovative audio-visual projects (such as the audio-visual attraction Flight over Lithuania that made it to the Top 10 (4th place) at the World EXPO in Hannover and was later released in DVD format).

Nominum has produced approximately 30 creative documentaries by well-known Lithuanian film-makers Arūnas Matelis, Henrikas Šablevičius, Audrius Stonys, Vytautas V. Lansbergis, Romas Lileikis, Domantas Vildžiūnas, Oksana Buraja, Audrius Mickevičius and others.

Nominum films have been screened at numerous well-known festivals, including Cannes (Directors’ Fortnight and Critics’ Week), Rotterdam, Torino, San Paulo, Oberhausen, Amsterdam (IDFA), Leipzig, Moscow, Nyon, Silverdocs, Split, ZagrebDox, DocumentaMadrid and others. Film retrospectives have been presented at key documentary festivals such as IDFA Amsterdam, Leipzig, Florence, Linz, Open Doek Film Festival (Belgium), Glasgow and others, as well as the world modern art museum MoMA in New York city.

Nominum Creative Group pays special attention to the distribution of its documentaries and acts as a distributor (it has achieved Lithuania’s best sales results for films DVDs in every genre and is among the best in Lithuania in terms of cinema audiences for documentaries); it arranges film events, educational labs and festivals, organises worldwide distribution of films and develops online projects (Lithuanian cinema VOD www.LTfilms.LT,,

- Awards

2007 - Directors Guild of America” award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary;
European Film Academy nomination for the Best European Documentary;
Silver Wolf main award at International Documentary Festival Amsterdam/IDFA (Netherlands);
Golden Dove main award at Leipzig International Film Festival;
Main Prize of Turkey International Film Festival;
Main Award at Documenta Madrid International Film Festival;
Big Stamp main award at Zagreb DOX International Film Festival;
Special Prize at Silverdocs International Film Festival;
Spirit Award at Brooklyn Film Festival;
Main Prize at Parnu Visual Anthropology Festival;
Special Prize at Parnu Visual Anthropology Festival;
Grand Prix at XVIII Lessinia Film Festival;
Grand Prix at Sambuddhatwa Jyanthi International Buddhist Film festival;
Grand Prix at Oberhausen International Film Festival;
Best Documentary at Blue See Film Festival;
Special Prize at Ekotorp Film Festival;
3rd Prize at Bornholm TV and Film Festival;
Two-times laureates of the National Arts and Culture Prize for films produced by Nominum;
2003 – Best Lithuanian Film – Prize of the Lithuanian Filmmakers Union;
2005 – Best Lithuanian Film – Prize of the Lithuanian Filmmakers Union;
2001 – Best Lithuanian Film – Prize of the Lithuanian Filmmakers Union;
Golden Star Main Award of World Arts and Inventors’ Organization PIN (Pasaulinės meno ir išradėjų organizacijos „PIN“ pagrindinis apdovanojimas „Aukso Žvaigždė“ );
Spectators’ Prize at Visions du Reel Nyon International Film Festival ;
Special Prize at Gyor Mediawave International Film Festival;
Grand Prix at Split International Festival of New Film;
Special Prize at Barcelona Festival of Independent Film;
Kodak Vision Prize at Arsenals International Film festival in Riga;
Special Prize at Kinošok;

- Filmography

„RADVILIADA“ („Radviliada”)
by Ramunė Rakauskaitė, 2014, 85 min, HD,

co-production with VFS Films and Dok Mobile

by Eglė Vertelytė, 2011, 50 min, video,

co-production with Wostok;

Turkish International Film Festival main prize (2012);
Sambuddhathwa Jayanthi Buddhist Film Festival main prize Siri Lanka;
Cracow Film Festival competition program (2012), Poland;
Della Lessinia Film Festival, the second prize, Italy;
Mediterraneo Video Festival, Special Prize, Italy;
Austrans Film Festival Special Award, France;

,,Mediterranean” Video Festival, Italy;
Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival, Germany;
Minsk International Film Festival, Listapad, Belarus;
,”Indie Spirit” Film Festival, USA;
International Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, USA;
Vilnius International Film Festival, Cinema Spring ", Lithuania;
European Film Forum Scanorama, Lithuania;

„ŽALUMOSE“ (“Living Among Grasses”) 
by Ramunė Rakauskaitė, 2012, 29 min., HD

Special prize -,,Ekotopfilm” Film Festival, Slovakia;
Prize Blue Sea Film Festival in Finland;

Vilnius International Film Festival "Cinema Spring";
“Delle Terre” Festival, Italy;
“Ischia” Film Festival, Italy;

„RIBINĖ ZONA“ (“Marginal Zone”)
by Dali Rust, 2011, 25 min., video

Special Prize for Cinema de Girona Film Festival, Spain;
Green Film Festival;
“PLATFORM” international contemporary arts festival;

„TETERVINS SUBILDA“ (“Heath-cock Rumbles”)
by Eugenijus Drobelis, 2011, 25 min., video

„SMARAGDO MIESTAS“ (“Emerald City”)
by Tadas Guzevičius, 2011, 25 min., video

„RUSNĖS UŽKALBĖTI“ (“Charmed by Rusne”)
by Eglė Žemaitienė, Vitalija Lapina, 2011, 25 min., video

„IŠPAŽINTIS“ (“Confession”)
by Oksana Buraja, 2008, 32 min., video,

together with Lukas Trimonis

Special prize "Kinoshok Film Festival, Russia;
Nomination Silver Crane;

Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany;
Vilnius Documentary Film Festival;

„ŽMOGUS ARKLYS“ (“Man-Horse”)
by Audrius Mickevičius, 2008, 52 min., video, together with Lukas Trimonis, co-production with MDR, YLE.

European Film Forum Scanorama, Lithuania;
The film featured the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, New York;

 „PRIEŠ PARSKRENDANT Į ŽEMĘ“ (“Before Flying Back to the Earth”)
by Arūnas Matelis, 2005, 52 min., video, co-production with TagTraum.

2007, US Directors Guild Award for outstanding achievements on film directing;
European Film Academy nomination for best European documentary film;
Amsterdam International Film Festival main prize "Silver Wolf";
Leipzig International Film Festival main prize of "Golden Dove";
Documenta Madrid International Film Festival main prize;
"Zagreb Dox" International Film Festival main prize of the "Great Seal";
Silverdocs International Film Festival special prize;
Brooklyn Film Festival Spirit Award;
Visual Anthropology Festival in Parnu main prize;
National Arts and Culture Prize;
2005- Best Lithuanian film - Lithuanian Filmmakers Union prize;
World art and inventors organizations "PIN" main prize "Golden Star";
Prize "LT Identity";
LNK Kindness wing ";
The main prize Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany;
Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas;
WIPO- WIPO Gold Medal for creativity;

„SEKMADIENIS. EVANGELIJA PAGAL LIFTININKĄ ALBERTĄ„ (“Sunday. The Gospel According to Lift-man Albertas“)
by Arūnas Matelis, 2003, 19 min., 35mm.

2003. - Best Lithuanian film - Lithuanian Filmmakers Union prize;

Cannes Film Festival's Director for night, France;
Rotterdam Film Festival, The Netherlands;
Torino Film Festival, Italy;
Film Festival Ghent, Belgium;
International Film Festival of Trieste, Italy;
Lübeck Nordic Film days, Germany;

by Domantas Vildžiūnas, 2001, 15 min., video

Vilnius International Film Festival "Cinema Spring";

„PASKUTINIOJO KURŠIO KRONIKA“ (“Chronicles of the Last Curonian”)
by Andrius Trukanas, 2001, 10 min., video.

„VIENA“ (“Alone”)
by Audrius Stonys, 2001, 16 min., b/w, 35mm,

together with A.Stonys.

„SKRYDIS PER LIETUVĄ ARBA 510 SEKUNDŽIŲ TYLOS“ (“Flight over Lithuania or 510 Seconds of Silence”)
by Arūnas Matelis, Audrius Stonys, 2000, 8 min., video.

The film world exhibition EXPO 2000 (Hannover, Germany) won the fourth place in the top 10 as one of the best world exhibition of films;
2003. 1 July. The film was posted on the first Lithuanian platinum film;

„NEATĖJO“ (“Didn’t Come”)
by Henrikas Šablevičius, 1999, 20 min., 35mm.

„PASMERKTAS MYRIOP“ (“Condemned to Death”)
by Henrikas Šablevičius, 1999, 104 min., video.

by Arūnas Matelis, 1999, 22 min., video.

„PIRMASIS ATSISVEIKINIMAS SU ROJUMI“ (“First farewell to Paradise”)
by Arūnas Matelis,1998, 15 min., 35mm.

„IŠ DAR NEBAIGTŲ JARUZALĖS PASAKŲ“ (“From unfinished tales of Jerusalem”)
by Arūnas Matelis, 1996, 26 min., 35mm.

Special prize of Bornholm Film and TV Festival.

Bornholm International Film and TV Festival, Denmark;
Rotterdam International Film Festival (Premiere), The Netherlands;
International Film Festival in Oberhausen, Germany;
International documentary film festival Cinema du Reel, France;
Berlin's TV & Film Festival "TV Europa XXI, Germany;
International Film Festival of Sao Paulo, Brazil;
International Film Festival in Trieste, Italy;
International Tokyo Images Forum Film Festival, Japan;
Parnu International Anthropology Film Festival;
The film was included in the "poetic documentary" history program, the European Film College in Denmark;

„ANAPUS“ (“Beyond”)
by Romas Lileikis, 1995, 70 min., b/w, 35mm.

„PENKIOS NOVELĖS APIE STASĮ“ (“Five Short Stories About Stasys”)
by Vytautas V.Landsbergis, 1994, 20 min., 35mm.

„PERLOJOS RESPUBLIKA“ (“Perloja Republic”)
by Vytautas V.Landsbergis, 1993, 18 min., 35mm.

„AUTOPORTRETAS“ (“Self-portrait”)
by Arūnas Matelis, 1993, 10 min., b/w, 35mm.

„PRAGARAS“ (“Hell”)
by Vytautas V.Landsbergis, 1992, 10 min., 35mm.

„GOD DAG – LABA DIENA“ (“Good Day – God Dag”)
by Henrikas Šablevičius, 1992, 28 min., 35mm.

„KAPO DUOBĖJE“ (“In the Grave Pit”)
by Gediminas Skvarnavičius.

“PAUKŠČIO NUŽUDYMAS” (“The Killing of Bird”)
by Vytautas V.Landsbergis.

“BŪTI TAIP” (“To be So”)
by Donatas Pirštelis.

“PORTRETAS PROFILIU” (“Portrait in Profile”)
by Arvydas Liorančas.

- Contacts

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A.Goštauto 2, Vilnius 01104,;,

tel+370 5 2123113