Education: He studied applied mathematics at the University of Vilnius. At 1990 he graduated Music and Theatre Academy.

Work activities:
1992. He established one of the first film companies in Lithuania - Nominum;
Arunas Matelis Studio Nominum is a German band more than 30 films that have been presented international festivals and show on TV in many European countries, including Japan, South
Korea, Israel;
Arunas movies have the best results between Lithuania distributed DVD movies and documentary cinema box office;
Arunas Matelis is a member of the European Film Academy;
American Film Academy approved a Lithuanian film selection Oscar Committee;

Creator retrospectives held:
Amsterdam IDFA;
Leipzig Festival;
Florence festival;
Linz Festival;

„DEŠIMT MINUČIŲ PRIEŠ IKARO SKRYDĮ“/ „Ten Minutes Before the Flight of Icarus“
dir. Arūnas Matelis, 1991, 10min., 35mm.

Oberhausen International Film Festival main prize, Germany, 1991;
Bornholm TV and film festival 3rd prize, Denmark, 1991;
Visual Anthropology Festival in Parnu special prize, Estonia, 1991;

Cannes Film Festival “International Critics' Week”, France;
“Locarno” Film Festival, Italy;
Film Festival “Mediawave”, Hungary;
International Documentary Film Festival "Document Art”, Germany;
International documentary film festival “Cinema du Reel”, France;
International Film Festival “Festroia”, Portugal;
European Film Festival in Brussels, Belgium;
International Short Film Festival, Sweden;
Brest a European Short Film Festival, France;
Film Festival "KOtBu", Germany;
International Film Festival “d'Aix-en-Provence et du Pays d'Aic”, France;
"Vendomo” Film Festival, France;
"Clermont-Ferrand” Short Film Festival, France;
International "Lille" Short Film Festival, France;
Film Anthology Archives, New York (Premiere);

dir. Arūnas Matelis, Audrius Stonys 1989, 10 min., 35mm.

„PRIEŠ PARSKRENDANT Į ŽEMĘ“/ „Before Flying Back to Earth“
dir. Arūnas Matelis, 2005, 52 min., video, with „TagTraum“.

2007. US Directors Guild Award for extraordinary contributions to the film director;
European Film Academy nomination for best European documentary film;
Amsterdam International Film Festival main prize "Silver Wolf";
Leipzig International Film Festival main prize of "Golden Dove";
“Documenta Madrid” International Film Festival main prize;
"ZagrebDox International Film Festival main prize of the" Great Seal "; Silverdocs International Film Festival special prize;
Brooklyn Film Festival Spirit Award;
Visual Anthropology Festival in Parnu main prize;
National Arts and Culture Prize;
2005. - Best Lithuanian film - Lithuanian Filmmakers Union prize;
World art and inventors organizations "PIN" main prize "Golden Star";
Prize "LT Identity";
LNK Kindness wing ";
The main prize Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany;
Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas;
WIPO- WIPO Gold Medal for creativity;

dir. Arūnas Matelis, 2003, 19 min., 35mm.

2003 m. – Best Lithuanian film - Lithuanian Filmmakers Union prize;

Cannes Film Festival's Director for night, France;
Rotterdam Film Festival, Netherlands;
Torino Film Festival, Italy;
Ghent Film Festival, Belgium;
International Film Festival of Trieste, Italy;
Lübeck Nordic Film days, Germany;

„SKRYDIS PER LIETUVĄ ARBA 510 SEKUNDŽIŲ TYLOS“/ "Flight over Lithuania or 510 seconds of silence"
dir. Arūnas Matelis, Audrius Stonys, 2000, 8 min., video.

4th place out of the 10 best films in the international exhibition EXPO in Hanover, 2000;
Platinum DVD for more than 10 000 copies of the DVD of circulation;

dir. Arūnas Matelis, 1999, 22 min., video.

„PIRMASIS ATSISVEIKINIMAS SU ROJUMI“/ “The First farewell to Paradise”
dir. Arūnas Matelis, 1998, 15 min., 35mm.

„IŠ DAR NEBAIGTŲ JARUZALĖS PASAKŲ“/ “From Unfinished Tales of Jerusalem”
dir. Arūnas Matelis, 1996, 26 min., 35mm.

Special prize of Bornholm Film and TV Festival.

Bornholm International Film and TV Festival, Denmark;
Rotterdam International Film Festival (Premiere), Netherlands;
Oberhausen International Film Festival, Germany;
International documentary film festival “Cinema du Reel”, France;
Berlin's TV & Film Festival "TV Europe XXI”, Germany;
Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Brazil;
Trieste International Film Festival, Italy;
International Tokyo Images Forum Film Festival, Japan;
Parnu International Anthropology Film Festival, Estonia;
The film was included in the "poetic documentary" history program, the European Film College in Denmark;

„AUTOPORTRETAS“/ “Self Portrait”

dir. Arūnas Matelis, 1993, 10 min., j/b, 35mm.