1970-1975 studies at Vilnius State Conservatoire (now the Lithuanian Academy of Music), TV and film directing.

Work activities:
1975-1999 director’s responsibilities Lithuanian national television;
Since 2000, Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy instructor;
Film and TV Department Head;
Since 1994 it has created 11 documentaries and a feature 1 full-length movie;
The film script writer and director;

„TAI MANO LIKIMAS”/ “This is My Destiny”
1994, documentary, Betacam, colour, 28’.
The story is about the life of the people of a Lithuanian village Margoniai.

The film was successfully screened in the Looking East program that is arranged on the fringe of Prix Italia every year now, also it was shown together with 'From the Life of Elves'.
European TV Festival, Berlin, 'TV under the open sky' program, 1996.

“IS SKRUZDELIU GYVENIMO”/ “From the Life of the Ants”
1995, documentary, Betacam, colour, 35’.
The story is about Antavilai, which has been a shelter for old and lonely people for a long time.

The winner of Young Television Prize of the Creative Documentary Festival in Monte Carlo, 1995;
Grand Prix of BAR Festival in Monte Negro, 1995;

“IS ELFU GYVENIMO”/ “From the Life of Elves”
1996, documentary, Betacam, colour, 25’).
78-year-old Leonora Cepuliene from Sauginiai village lives with her crippled kids who couldn't survive without her care. The film is about their daily routine and holidays.

The Special Prize of PRIX EUROPA’96, Berlin;
GRAND PRIX’97 for creative documentaries, Monte Carlo;
2nd Prize at Balticum Film&TV Festival;
Silver Olive at BAR Festival, Monte Negro;
Viewers’ Prize in Paarnu, Estonia.

Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Estonia, Poland, Monte Negro, Germany, UK and etc.
Acquired by DR TV (Denmark), SVT (Sweden), TVP (Poland), ARD (Germany), Canal Kaks (Estonia).

“VENERA SU KATINU”/ “Venus with a Cat”
1997, documentary, Betacam, colour, 24’.
Nadia, Ramune and Terese tell us their life stories. They worked as models for various artists. They didn't make a lot of money, but they liked what they did.

Nordic Film Festival at Rouen (France);
BALTICUM Film&TV Festival;

Prix Niki;
Prix for best Documentary film in The Open Non-Fiction Festival “Russia”, Jekaterinburg;
Special mention at FIPA’98 (short programmes category).

“IS AVINELIU GYVENIMO”/ “From the Life of Lambs”
1998, documentary, 35mm, colour, 26’.
The poetic story about children who found shelter in an orphanage founded by a young priest, Romualdas. A big and wide world opens before Marius eyes from a bell tower. "I see people walking. A horse, what a big horse! I see the priest walking. I see Mom." In the evening mist of this big world, melting figures of the children looking like jumping one-legged grasshoppers.

Bornholm North Country’s (Danmark);
Bilbao (Spain);

“KELIONIU MAGIJA”/ “Magic of Travels”
1999, documentary, Betacam, colour, 35’.
A puppet wagon- show's journey trough Lithuania is the occasion to talk about another, vital, man's journey.

Bornholm North Country’s (Denmark),
Cinema du reel (France).

“AKTAS”/ “An Act”
2000, documentary, 35mm, colour, 24’.
The film is about a photographer, Snieguole Michelkeviciute, who takes of elderly men.

Tampere (Finland);
FIFMA (Belgium);
Krakow (Poland);
ARSENALS (Latvia);

“VENECIJAUS GYVENIMAS IR CEZARIO MIRTIS”/ "Venecijus' Life and the Death of Caesar"
2002, documentary, Betacam, colour, 55'.
Venecijus, in his late forties, abandoned by his wife. He tries to tackle his singleness, as he tackles the piggish Caesar, the witness of his singleness. Venecijus tries to keep to his words: don't hang yourself today if you can do it tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow you wouldn't do it at all.

Press Prize- Flahertiana International Festival of the New Documentary Cinema, Perm, Russia 2002;
Television Prize- Avanca International Film Festival, Portuguese;
Best Baltic Film- Arsenals International film Forum, Riga, Latvia.

“STIKLO ŠALIS”/ “Land of Glass”
2004, feature, 35mm, colour, 68’.
The second baby‘s birth and its sickness brings a lot of uneasiness, fear and gloom anticipations to the Woman. The Man cannot understand or justify her psychological state. The tension goes stronger and stronger, which causes some painful changes in their elder daughter, aged 7, life. A tragic outcome is inevitable. It comes even sooner, as there is a stray pregnant bitch and a crime executed.

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech;
Kinoshock, Russia;
International Film Festival "Pure dreams” – DeboshirFilm, Russia;
International Film Festival of Tamil Nadu, India-Prize - Best film director;
International Stockholm Film Festival, Sweden;
European Union Film Festival, Canada;
Annual European Union Film Festival Chicago, USA;
Int'l Women Film Festival of Creteil, France;

“NAŠLIŲ PAKRANTĖ”/ “Widow’s Coast”
2006, documentary, colour, 25’.
A poetic portrait of residents of a Baltic seacoast village whose lives are marked by painful loss. The heroes of the film are widows who face their seemingly tragic destiny with strength and vitality usually reserved for the unscathed

Riga International Film Forum "Arsenals", Latvia;
Short Cuts Cologne International Short Film Festival, Germany;
Göteborg Film Festival, Sweden;

“ŠOKANTI ANT STOGŲ”/ „Woman dancing on the roof„
2008, documentary, colour, 25’.
Woman and her body.... The perfection of the body and spiritual harmony.
The inner ambitions and the reality…

The International Huesca Film Festival, Spain;
Ismailia International Film Festival, Egypt;
INPUT conferences Warsaw, Poland;

“TRAUKINYS STOVI PENKIAS MINUTES”/ “Train stops for five minutes“
2009, documentary, colour, 58'.
The train wagons started counting pulse of small town N long time ago. A huge stone in a square of railway station reminds us about these moments when the train used to stop here for a little bit longer. It swallowed down thousands of people and spat them out in the spaces of Siberia. The train stops only for five minutes nowadays. But this period is enough for the farewell kiss and promise to come back.

European Broadcasting Festival Prix Europa 2009 (Berlin);

Open Documentary Film Festival “Rossija” in Yekaterinburg, 2009 (Russia) – Russian Film Critics Award;

VAKAR BUS RYTOJ”/ “Yesterday will be tomorrow“
2013, documentary, colour, 27'.
Camera in the hands of Tomas, young care home employee, doesn't disturb residents' daily routine. New technologies, on the contrary, arouse their curiosity. So short pauses in front of the camera, spreading wisdom, irony, love and hope design a picturesque but fragile mosaic of life.